Women's Ministry Print



Bethel Women’s Department exists to support women and enable them to develop spiritually, emotionally and physically. It forms part of the National organisation of Bethel United Church (Apostolic) UK


The group is open to all women of the Bethel United Church in Walsall; membership is extended to other groups or individuals who support the ethos of the church and the development of woman.



The department aims to:



  • Enable women to link up to mutually support one another and address continuing issues that affect women.
  • Organise events and activities which will raise aspirations, confidence and visibility of women and to address issues which are of concern.
  • To mentor young women and support them spiritually as well as physically.




  • Activities/Fellowships
  • Woman Survival Training
  • Prayer and Praise Brunch
  • Family Rally
  • International Women’s Month
  • Women’s Social & Fellowship visits
  • Women In Praise Concert